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  1. The overhead camera view has stopped working. The other camera functions are fine. The overhead view works on other models. It appears the camera is position miles away from model. The model will not zoom in. Any suggestions to fix this problem. Suite 2016
  2. Thanks David. I have tried several variations. But, for some reason it always appears the driveway is fixed to the foundation and will not become flush at the garage floor. I have set the terrain spec pad elevation to the same level as the garage and everything works right; however, I don't think this is how it should be done. This terrain dialogue is very confusing to me. I have reviewed one of your YouTube tutorials; I guess I need to do more.
  3. SAILOR139

    Terrain problem

    What causes this and how to fix?
  4. BINGO!!! THANKS JO_ANN I knew there had to be away.
  5. I suppose I could name all the rooms garage and maybe make your suggestion work.
  6. I have a monolithic slab floor. I wish to add stem walls and footings to this slab. I do not want the standard floor framing, joists, sub-floor, etc., one gets with the "walls with footings". We have to have stem walls and footings in the upper mid-west due to the frost line. If I was building an all wood frame house including the floor I would use the wall with footings option which is an excellent tool. See attached drawing.FamilyPlan 59148 2 BEDRM mod 03 w Screen Porch.planFamilyPlan 59148 2 BEDRM mod 03 w Screen Porch.plan
  7. Thanks, unfortunately Suite does not have this button. I will continue to search for an answer.
  8. In our area most new homes are built on a monolithic slab unless there is a basement. The slab still requires a stem wall and footing due to the frost level. I can not find any documentations which describes how to do this. The one you reference above is for a garage slab created with the wall and footings version of the foundation spec.
  9. SAILOR139

    Slab Foundation

    How do I create a stem wall and footing for a slab floor? Suite
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    How does one output the maximum quality (high resolution) image in Suite? Does it matter which format to output the image?
  11. The different ceiling heights are used to fix the overhangs; SOP. The invisible walls are part of this technique. This procedure has been around for awhile. If I remove the hidden walls the whole roof blows up into a million pieces; slightly exaggerated. As the model now stands the only problem I have are the three extraneous interior overhangs.
  12. Plan attachedWYC Porch Proposal Final modified B.plan
  13. This design has overhangs in interior space. What causes this and what is the fix? See attachments.
  14. I set the overhangs for 16" but some come in at 48" ?? What causes this? How do you fix this?
  15. Gable wall projected into adjacent room fixed. This was resolved by using the same technique to fix the gaps in dormers except an isometric horizontal wedge shape was used. The dormer gap is fixed with a inverted wedge shape.
  16. Thank you, thank you. I originally used the " Material Painter" instead of the " Adjust Material Definition". I applied the AMD tool and it reset the wall back to the original drywall color as default. All new walls come in with the drywall color or the room color. Also, the "Wall Specification Box" now has the drywall as default and not the repetitious pattern of the painting. Thanks
  17. Kat, This does not fixed the problem. Draw a short interior wall; open the wall specification box; the Declaration painting runs rampant over the wall even though it appears that the wall is covered in drywall in the plan view. Granted, your fix will fix each wall one by one; also, the same can be done using the wall spec box and change each wall using the interior/exterior material select box. I wish to stop this from happening each time I insert a wall; that is, reset the defaults to drywall. I have an query into Tech Support; hopefully, they will have a permanent answer. By the way, in the future I will use the picture frame and .jpeg technique to create a picture which will eliminate the above problem.
  18. Attached is an image which shows a dormer with the gap problem (same as above). I fixed the gap with the inverted wedge technique and cleaned-up the corner using a "box" shape.
  19. Here is an example of the jpeg image on a wall. I cannot find a way to reset the walls to have drywall as a default. I have tried thru the default settings and room settings -- no luck. All new walls drawn in the plan has this until I reset the individual wall.