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  1. SAILOR139

    Energy heel

    I have created an attic truss with an energy heel. It did not construct correctly, see image. I have made several attempts to correct this. I also verified this works for a standard truss. Does anyone have a solution?
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I exploded the dormer and used Solver's suggestion to check the box for splitting the wall when abutting to a roof. This resolved the problem. I'm new to PRO. Cannot do the above in Suite.
  3. This dormer was created using the auto tool. See image. Do I need to create this dormer manually?
  4. The portion of the dormer exterior wall which is under the roof does not change to an interior wall; hence the material shows as siding instead of drywall. How can this be rectified? I an aware that a soffit or shape can be overlaid over the siding and painted. Is there a correct solution?
  5. Yes, I'm aware that the downloaded files will be in the download folder. OK I'll bite the bullet and download all of the library folders again. And, bring them into my 2018 Pro Library. Thanks for your help
  6. Thanks, I'll do some searching, but I doubt if I have the original files. Do you have the path for the Library files?
  7. yes, but I do not understand why I need to re-download dozens of catalogs again. Why can't the catalogs be moved from one folder to another? If you export a catalog and import it, it should go to the correct library folder. Is this a bug?
  8. I exported my Home Designer Bonus Catalogs from CA Suite 2017 and imported them to a recently purchased CA Pro 2018. The catalogs were loaded into the User Catalog folder instead of the Home Designer Bonus Catalog folder in Pro 2018. How do I move them to their correct location? I wish to do the same for my Manufactured Catalogs. Sailor New 2018 Pro user; long time Suite user.
  9. SAILOR139

    Spline roads

    I cannot find the break line or arc line icons. Also, I cannot find any tutorials on how to curve the corner of a street intersection or driveway or sidewalk. What I do find is reference to the two icons above to create these curves but seem to me missing on my software. Do I need to reload software? Or, have I just overlook where they are located?
  10. SAILOR139

    Export DXF

    How do you export elevation views in .dxf format? I am able to do this for perspective views but not elevation views.
  11. SAILOR139

    Dormer bugs

    The dormer images below were created using the manual dormer technique. The room has a ceiling. The side wall for the dormer was extended and a door inserted in the wall for demo purposes only. Extending the wall closes the hole in the interior and exterior. However, a 9/16 thick inverted wedge was required to create a surface on the exterior; this was painted to match the existing shake shingles.
  12. SAILOR139

    Dormer bugs

    I must be dense, I'm not sure what you are showing me. I realize when the knee wall is moved the hole can be closed; however, this does not meet the designer's requirements. This requires making a room several feet less in width or length just to satisfy the bug; this does work if the dormer is as long as the upper story; very little is lost in sq footage. And, by the way, it is a bug. Been in CAD for over 40 years; this would never fly in the automotive industry. But, as explain in an earlier part of this thread the hole can be patched. The purpose of initiating the thread was to have CA respond to it or someone who might be aware when CA will fix these problems. I have received some work arounds which most of us are aware. A more robust software package would help. With all this said, I still think it is a good package and can't be beat for the price. I'm just trying to encourage CA to tweak it and make it just a little bit better. A couple years ago it was suggested I buy PRO. I do not do this for a living; hence, will not spend 500 dollars for an occasional DIY project. I also suspect PRO would not solve the problem above. I think we probably can let this thread rest unless CA wants to jump in.
  13. SAILOR139

    Dormer bugs

    Unfortunately, this causes two problems: 1) the main roof above the dormer takes on the same pitch as the dormer shed roof has; 2) it removes several dozen sq feet from your dormer rooms. The inverted wedges solves the image problem, see above. I just wish CA would fix this bug. I have used both manual and auto tool. The auto tool works great in certain applications; and, can be jury rigged in other applications. This is the other bug which needs to be fixed. Thank you for your comments.
  14. SAILOR139

    Dormer bugs This covers all versions of Chief Architect.
  15. SAILOR139

    Dormer bugs

    The above images shows the buggy hole fixed with 3 inverted wedges. Manual dormers are explained in the Chief Architect Tutorial manual. The web site below is for Premier but there are others for Suite
  16. SAILOR139

    Dormer bugs

    Thanks, I assumed I was not the only one. Yes, it can be fixed with a inverted wedge shape and a soffit, but it is still hokey.
  17. SAILOR139

    Dormer bugs

    These images are from a typical manual created dormer.
  18. SAILOR139

    Dormer bugs

    From all the forums addressing these dormer problems I would assume I'm not the only one having problems.
  19. SAILOR139

    Dormer bugs

    I recently upgraded to 2017 Suite hoping the software developers would fix the dormer bugs. Unfortunately, this did not happen. The automatic dormer still does not extend the walls to the floor and blows up when walls are attached. Also, the manual dormers still has holes in the side walls. Or, in some cases the main roof decides take on the dormer shed roof pitch. I understand sometimes we can spend hours finding patches or fixes that somewhat makes things look right, but they are very sensitive to exploding if not handle with kid gloves. Will Chief Architect please respond to the above; set a date for the fixes; or inform us of your decision not to fix. Any other comments would be appreciated.
  20. Ignore above request. I found an entity 1000's of feet away from project. Deleted it and all is good again.