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  1. Thanks Eric, as usually I checked all the resources. I can't find anything more definitive than "Check Snap to Active CAD Point to snap the view you are sending to layout to the active CAD Point." As close as I can determine, that means place a point on the object you are sending then place a point on the layout sheet and they should match(?). I've tried this many times with no luck. The User's Guide and Reference Manual have only similar statements. I've searched youtube with no luck, anyone know of a video on this subject?. Thanks.
  2. Can anyone direct me to a resource explaining "Send to Layout > Snap to Active CAD Point." I can't find anything. Thanks.
  3. Download "Accessories No.09 Closet." It's $3.99, but has all you'll ever need for filling closets - good for checking you spaces.
  4. Thanks Eric. Submitted question to Support Forum.
  5. Hi ChiefJeet - I moved on and forgot about my original question - but I was recently faced with a situation where separating some text would have been handy. I guess I thought it was just a bug with nothing on that layer. I searched everywhere I could think of with no results. Interesting that "Text, Notes" is not in the "Layer Display Options" for layouts. Hope someone has an answer. Thanks.
  6. Great idea. Thanks Eric and thanks hward01 for responding - try custom backsplash - you get the poly line tools in elevation views! Thanks, Dennis
  7. Thanks for the response! I want to create something similar to this:
  8. I made accordian doors out of slabs. I created one slab (panel) 3/8x6x108 and angled it at 45 degrees and another at 90 degrees to that one. Select those two and use Transform Replicate at 9" for as many as you like. The closed side started at 7.5 degrees. The material is Fabric and Wall Covering>Sheers and Shades>Fiber>>Off White Sheer. For the sliding panels look at the CA libraries under Doors and Windows and download (free) NanaWall. Play around with the colors. Sorry you can't show them open. Good luck Accordian
  9. Using HD Pro 2020 I'm trying to flip a modified slab about the X axis. I'm making a privacy screen and this would a trellis-like board across the top. I've searched CA libraries and 3D warehouse and can't find what I want. I searched Home Talk and found a post by Solver where he suggested you should get a rotation handle in an elevation. I've tried cross section, back clipped and elevation views with no luck. And of course all the poly line tools are grayed in these views. Thanks, Dennis Trellis Top.plan
  10. BrewerDesign

    Text, Notes

    HD Pro 2020 -- I see "Text, Notes" in the list on the Layer Display Options dialog box from a plan view. I can't find any other reference to this "Text, Notes". Seems it would be handy to separate some text for display. Thanks.
  11. Yet another update: if you run the repair you can run HD once and it gets corrupted again.
  12. Another update: Just ran Update>Repair and HD Pro is up and running. Version is now 19.3.1x8x62 with no change to notebook - McAfee still up. Thank you CA.
  13. Update for anyone with similar problems: CA support said this issue is caused by a conflict with McAfee and somehow effected by an auto update to Creators, which I initially thought was an app but apparently is the recent update to windows 10 (obviously I'm out of touch, I've been busy). Support's solution is to uninstall McAfee, which I hate to do. I got the full McAfee suite for free from AT&T - I'm a uverse subscriber - and it works great. Any suggestions for a new security software or a work around would be appreciated. Waiting for an update from CA.
  14. Thanks Eric. I checked the health of notebook- storage, memory, etc., all seems good. I suspect windows 10 auto updates to be culprit. Will take your advice.