Strange roof symmetry problem?


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I've got a strange roof symmetry problem that persists, and no matter what I do I can't seem to correct it. 

The roof shown in the attached file "Hip roof line.jpg" shows an overhanging  dormer "like" extension of the roof that builds to cover a bump out for a U-shaped stair well below. For some reason when I try to change the main hip wall to a gable (like the opposite end) the roof over the bump out and part of the gable rebuilds into a strange asymmetric mess, as shown in the "Bad Gable Roof.jpeg", It affects the main ridge line also.

Apparently because the facet I've outlined in blue is actually a continuous part of the original hip over that end wall it won't mirror like the left (red) side when I switch the wall type to gable.

I've tried manually mirroring the Red side facet to the blue side, and building facets from roof planes and joining them together, similar to the Video Remodeling & Manual Roof Design  But it seems no mater what I do the minute I switch the Hip wall to gable it fails again.

Oddly enough a few months ago when I was just trying out the software I was able to accomplish this very task with almost no extra input, the only significant difference was the first try was a 6/12 slope and this one is a 4/12 slope, nevertheless I can't repeat it either way. 

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

The Zipped  "plan" file is attached also.

Hip Roof Line.jpg

Bad Gable Roof Line.jpg

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