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  1. Hi There, I would like to know if Home Designer Pro Software is capable of a Roof default definition,and display, that includes "SIP"s - Structural Insulated panels? I know it works for "SIP" walls, Will it also work for roofs? Roof definitions seem limited to the exterior coverings; shingles etc? As an example using the "Exterior Wall Defaults Walls> Wall Type" "SIP" walls, like stick framed walls, can be selected and modified in "Wall Type Definitions" when needed to change surface and core wall features such as siding, wrap, insulating foam thickness, sheet rock and so on. Does the HD Pro software allow for a similar definition of a ROOF made of SIP. For consistent insulating quality most SIP built structures are constructed with SIP roofs instead of the more common rafter or truss framing. Before answering, thank you for noting; I am not asking about construction methods or structural engineering; I already have that. I just need to know if the HD Pro software is somehow capable of defining and displaying a "SIP" roof like it would a "SIP" wall? So far I've found no way to accomplish this. For reference I've included a cross section image of the typical SIP roof and Wall. Thank you, Fred
  2. My Question was "can a NEW "Room Type" be added?" According to Nathan B., in technical support, the answer is; NO, users of HD pro 2023 may not add new Room types. The number of room types is fixed in the program. My copy of HD Pro has 32 Room types. We discussed two example bedrooms; One with hardwood floors and one with carpeting. In this example Nathan agreed with Rookie65 in that a given named Room Type; "bedroom" in this case, can be first used in one bedroom to specify, for example; a hardwood floor, and then the same named room type can be modified for a second bedroom to specify carpet. The differing attributes are stored in the design file. The default floor for the named type "Bedroom" remains Carpet unless and until changed by the user say if a new Design is started and there is a need for hardwood flooring again, or perhaps to apply tile to a third bedroom in the first design file, Nathan also agreed that for a given design file an unused room type such as; "Bonus" or "unfinished" could be renamed in effect providing a second bedroom default, However, the total number of Room types does not increase only their names change and related attributes when changed by the user. Nathan also investigated and found that earlier versions of Home designer Pro, as shown in the training videos, indeed had multiple bedroom types; Master, bedroom 1, bedroom 2, and so on. These were eventually deemed "redundant" and removed, they are now not delivered with current versions of the program. Thanks to each of you for your support, and David, Thank you for your quick Video it was very enlightening on changing attributes on the fly, and especially the part about Display options I will be paying closer attention to that.
  3. Thank you David and Rookie65. I'm new to this product so please forgive my ignorance, I do attempt to study all available documentation/videos before posing questions. Your suggestions will be tried. However, I'm still asking specifically if a NEW room Type, with completely different attributes, can be added? Meaning for example; if I have only 10 original "Room Types" supplied with Home Designer Pro, but need 12 - can 2 new types be added? -- or is the program fixed at the original 10 room types? thereby also being limited to the work arounds and renames as you've discussed ? I've tried the Edit>Default Settings>Floors and Rooms>Room Types as suggested by Rookie65 but this apparently only alowes me to rename "bedroom" to "bedroom 1" for example. I cannot create more than one "bedroom", room type at a time. For example; I'm planning a house addition where the existing typical frame house, and bedrooms, are 1950s era. For locale permitting I need to document the entire existing house as well as the two story addition where the the construction will be SIP (Structural insulated panels) NO stud framing. Additionally the room types of the old and new bedrooms will be substantially different from each other. Meanwhile My copy of HD PRO has only one (1)) room type called "bedroom". The HD Training videos I've watched have multiples; Bedroom, Master Bedroom , Bedroom 1,2,3,4.. Master bath and so on. By comparison I have only a few styles in total including a single one called "bedroom". So can NEW "Room Type" be added? I'm fine with a "no" I'm just trying to be accurate. Thank you
  4. Using PRO 2023 The default room types in my program include, among others; Bedroom, but no Master Bedroom. While studying Boot camp I noted the PRO program being demonstrated has types; "Master bedroom" and "Bedroom" as well as , Bedroom 1, bedroom 2, etc, Master bath and others NOT included in my copy of Pro. I've checked training videos like; "Default settings", "Bathroom" webinar, and others and I've noticed virtually all that use Pro in their discussions also demonstrate a much larger selection of room types like Master bath , Master Bedroom than my copy of Pro has. Why is that? Apparently there is a way to add a room type, but I can't find it. I've checked the "rooms" and "room types" in the Users Guide and Reference manual for Pro 2023 and Pro 2022, Knowledge base and so on. to no avail. I would like to add the missing default Room types; Master bedroom and Master bath and others. Yet there is no "ADD" or "copy" on the available room types Dialog, There IS a way to edit a room type name, but no where can I find a way to ADD a room type? What am I missing? How do I add a room type? Can an existing room type be copied and renamed" what is the Process ? where is it documented. Thank you Fred