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When is HD Pro going to start rendering shiny glass correctly in PBR? Im tired of using glass textures from 2012.

(and while youre at it, change all the PBR  and camera settings back to 2021. PBR is abysmal in 2022 & 2023. Standard view is a nightmare its so hazy, cant see a thing!!

When is HD Pro going to be able to recess hinged doors to a specified depth within the wall (Including frame & jamb)?

When is HD Pro going to change the window sill settings so that that they dont Z-fight with the wall below if you recess them? 

When Is HD Pro going to stop the unnecessary snapping of walls, and the obession that the software has to determine how best they should intersect, and where they SHOULD be. Block cavity walls in reality, do indeed join stud walls, yet basic things like that are beyond this softwares capability. 

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