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  1. When is HD Pro going to start rendering shiny glass correctly in PBR? Im tired of using glass textures from 2012. (and while youre at it, change all the PBR and camera settings back to 2021. PBR is abysmal in 2022 & 2023. Standard view is a nightmare its so hazy, cant see a thing!! When is HD Pro going to be able to recess hinged doors to a specified depth within the wall (Including frame & jamb)? When is HD Pro going to change the window sill settings so that that they dont Z-fight with the wall below if you recess them? When Is HD Pro going to stop the unnecessary snapping of walls, and the obession that the software has to determine how best they should intersect, and where they SHOULD be. Block cavity walls in reality, do indeed join stud walls, yet basic things like that are beyond this softwares capability.
  2. Dont bother. The rendering has gone backwards. I never thought Chief could get worse with the renders, but they have. They have apparently increased performance in 2022/2023 but any file size over 80MB still lags and struggles, which is rediculouly stupid compared to other design software. (like one decent plant in sketch-up is 30MB!) The standard camera views have changed and are now hazy compared to 2021 and PBR is worse, like a grey filter over your lenz. Deep shiney black is also impossible. The backdrop totally changes your interior to alien colours and will take you hours to get right, only to give up and eventually go with no backdrop. The actual quality of the exported pictures is also dismal. Attic walls, or anthing, any item, thats exposed to the exerior lights up luminencent like a christmas tree including the auto built walls in PBR. It will look fine in Standard view and then suddenly its bright blue or green in PBR and takes hours to sort out because changes in PBR are so slow! They still dont have the option to recress doors. They still cant make their window sills sit above the wall and theres Z-fighting
  3. Yes I do realize that, and do you know what else, it doesn't work when your walls are 350mm plus thick, it leaves feckin holes everywhere that you have to fill with soffits and wedges and soffits and more soffits and celings and more soffits only to realize you cant use soffits because they don't span ceilings and walls and then have to change to shapes which keep snapping by default to the to the terrain!
  4. To All those dicktards, who said you can do so much better with Pro, upgradeto pro they said, it will be better they said, No< I am on pro , it sucks.
  5. In two fecking years nothing has changed. The software still does not use my GPU, yet it takes me 45seconds to make a change in PRB
  6. I understand that , but unfortunately chief sucks at both. It sucks at dpi export as well as ppi.
  7. Hi There. The centering tool uses a point of reference to "center" your object. If you click on the door ( as you have done) and center it to the middle of the room (there will be a horizontal line indicating this). If you then click on the window and center it using the same mid-room line it will center over the same door as you are choosing the same room mid-line as the door. There are several "snap" lines you can use to center objects, ie walls, other windows, rooms, roof etc, but they are usually perpendicular. You cant use the center tool to "center" sidelights next to a door because there is no center reference point.
  8. Thank you Dominic, but that doesn't help me. To be honest, all the PBR renderings I've seen so far on this forum are actually pretty bad, I'm really struggling to understand how you could say they are great. They are all extremely dark and hazy. How do I make a room bright and crisp, where the white walls and ceiling are actually white, not grey, or a weird alien shade of green or blue because of the backdrop? Why is the software not using my interior light settings despite me setting it to such? Why does it make no difference when you set a light to 10 lumens or 5 billion lumens? Why when you use floor to ceiling windows or sliding doors, does the backdrop make my shiny steel blue and green, despite using a terrain? (this one REALLY irritates me!) Its terrible and very poor attempt by CA and I have no idea what they were thinking but whoever was in charge of the production should be sacked. Its not a PBR, its a half-arsed lame attempt to keep up with the likes of sketchup and v-ray and they failed dismally. pic 1 - Same plan in standard view pic 2 - Same plan in PBR (I want it brighter, whiter, and the blue wall gone. I cant for the life of me figure out why CA thought it was a good idea to reflect the backdrop!! wtf!) pic 3 - a technical issue I keep having, where everything goes black and I have to exit the software, restart my computer and reload the plan.
  9. Hi JonQ Thank you for your reply. I have finally been able to get a decent rendering but its still not good enough for my liking Reducing the sunlight intensity only solves the problem in a room with windows. It makes F-all difference in a with no windows. How can it be a true physical based rendering when it doesn't take into account the actual light settings in the room? (even when its set to "actual" light settings and not automatic)
  10. I'll attach the plan here anyway. pbr_lights.plan
  11. Hi Dominic, Thank you for your reply. I did think that might be an issue so I started a new default plan. The pictures above are from a new drawing, not an import.
  12. I upgraded to Pro 2020 from 2019 and I'm asking for help with the new PBR rendering in HD Pro 2020. I’ve searched PRB on Chieftalk, watched the tutorials, and read the reference manual. I’ve been playing around with sun intensity, angles, lighting and materials etc and it seems to make no difference. It’s still dark. In the tutorial videos, there is very little light difference between the standard render and the PBR, only a few teaks are needed. In mine, its like night and day. In this room (pic 1) I have 8x10000 lumen lights and 2 x 5000 lumen lights. Sunlight is default. In a realistic scenario this room would be blinding (A stadium light is 60000 lumens) In pic 2 there is 4x10000 and 2x5000 (I removed 4 lights) In pic 3 there are 2x5000 lumens (removed all the ceiling lights) There seems to be very little difference. It’s still dark. The white walls, ceiling and cabinet are not white either. I have the most recent graphics driver. Is there a setting somewhere that I’m missing or is this a technical problem that I should report?
  13. Thank you David. I am fully aware that upgrading to Pro wont solve all my problems, I was just hoping that throwing $400 at it might solve THIS one. I'm quite happy to have to do a few tweaks to get it right, but at the moment its proving next to impossible with HD suite. In case you haven't noticed, 90% of new houses in Ireland are a storey+half with these type of dormer windows. I've done hundreds of them and there's always an issue and it takes me hours to get right. I was hoping and half expecting HD Pro to be able to do it a little easier. That's all.
  14. I'm not angry, I simply don't appreciate you implying I'm lazy, incompetent or stupid. You could've simply informed me that these dormer windows are easily built in Pro using the auto dormer tool etc but instead you chose to blow wind up your own arse and refer me to the manual. (which I've read, and I've been struggling with this for days and this forum was a last resort for help). I know for a fact that they cant be built using the auto dormer tool in HD suite so I was asking if It was possible in Pro. "direction of any attained competence you may, in the future obtain". That doesn't even make sense.
  15. No DavidJPotter, the question was not addressed to you, but I'll rephrase the question an put it in dickhead language that you'll understand. Is it possible in HD Pro to build a dormer window as shown above, using the auto dormer tool without manually using soffits and inverted wedges and so that it looks the same externally and internally simultaneously?