Unwanted attic wall issue


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I periodically have this issue and while I usually rectify it I don't actually know which of the many things I try is the solution.  When I do a plan, and it all seems to be going well, until I look at it in perspective view where I find one or more main floor walls projecting up above the ceiling plane, or an unwanted attic wall there.  I can often just drag the wall back down, or delete the attic wall, but other times, like now, I can't do either - I can't get rid of it.  If it is an attic wall and I delete it there is still an outline, like I've made it invisible, but if I click on it it won't delete and in fact becomes back in full view as I've just unchecked "make invisible'.  

I have sometimes found my walls are out a bit and once I rectify that I can move or delete the unwanted wall, but often can't so need to find out why and/or how I am getting myself in this predicament in the first place, rather than just stumbling though and someone getting past it.

Your assistance much appreciated.

Image below, file attached.

Cheers, Bob


PS   I want to add a deck to that little area in front of the door, extending out beyond.  If you have any advice on that it would also be greatly appreciated

attic wall clip.jpg

CH attic wall issue (230119-1).plan

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Things like this are annoying aren't they.

I think it's a bug and don't see a reason it should be building a wall there.

You can turn off the auto attic wall builder in Wall Defaults, then delete the wall.


For your deck, don't know what advice you are looking for, but I would experiment with using a Balcony too.

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