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  1. My apologies Jeff, I had been responding to David earlier and inadvertently said "Great, thx David, will do" when I should have said thanks Eric. Eric's video is excellent by the way, resolved the issue and provided numerous other helpful tips. Worth watching.
  2. Thank you very much Eric, much appreciated. Just off to dinner (5:40PM here on the coast) but will be back after. Thanks again! Cheers, Bob
  3. Great, Thanks David, will do. Cheers, Bob
  4. Just clicked build wall framing and it results in all the walls going up into the roof trusses.
  5. Plan file: CH2.0 Floorpan (231011-6).plan
  6. I have a rogue wall that suddenly increased in height, up into my roof trusses, when the roof trusses are added (wall was fine before adding the roof trusses). I have looked at wall specifications and settings and don't see anything that I think is different or out of whack. Any help greatly appreciated. Note the walls are a British Columbia net zero hybrid wherein there is a 2x4 framed wall, sheathed (also the exterior VP), with 9 1/2' TJ's fastened vertically on the exterior then filled with HD cellulose. I don't think that is the issue I just mention it so nobody ends up wasting time scratching their heads upon first look. I am using Home Designer Pro 2022. Cheers, and thanks in advance, Bob CH2.0 Floorpan (231011-6).plan
  7. Agree Eric, the truss company will do the actual design, but in the meantime i want the image to be as accurate as possible - in this case showing the thickness of the truss over the deck and the dropped ceiling/soffit that will result. Thanks for the advice, I will add a ceiling plane. Much appreciated, Bob
  8. Well gentlemen....that was just too simple and logical for me to have guessed! Thank you. My next question is: now that I have the extensions in place how do I get the soffit down to the underside of them? (and hopefully siding along the front and down the side) I have experimented a bit and don't see how. Thanks, Bob
  9. Home Designer Pro 2022 I have a house plan with a flat roof truss (1/4"/ft actually). In one section the upper floor is set back, but the trusses extend out the full amount like the others. like the top truss in the image. A normal truss in this situation would have a shallower section of truss, rather than just the top cord, projecting out as in the lower truss in the image. Is there a way for HDPro to do this automatically. If not has anyone come up with a work around? Thanks in advance, Bob
  10. Just found it - checked default wall height and it auto corrected. Not sure hw it got unchecked, but at least now I know to watch for it. Thanks!
  11. Home Designer Pro 2022 File attached. I developed a design for a two story house with a flat roof (well, almost flat - 1/4" in 12"). I did floor plans for both floors, and the foundation. I then added roof trusses (just two initially, haven't yet replicated and spread out over entire roof). When I first added the roof trusses everything was ok, and all my walls - interior and exterior - were the correct height and the trusses sat on top. I went and did some other fine tuning and then noticed that my exterior walls were now up to just under the top cord. I have tried everything I can think of but nothing drops them back down to the ceiling height. I suspect it is something simple so humbly asking for help! Cheers, Bob PS Also just noticed there are no rim joists showing. CH Ext Wal Height (230124-1).plan
  12. I will do a separate post on the deck/balcony. Thanks again. Bob
  13. Eric, THANK you! What a pragmatic solution - I didn't know that option was there. ; o)