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  1. When I click on an item in my material list, a specific door for example, and right click it there is an option "Find Object in Plan" - which if clicked takes me back to the floor plan. I assume it is going to show me where that specific door is but I don't see any indication of which one it is. I assume it would highlight the specific door I am looking for on the plan.
  2. Called tech support - problem solved! Somehow I had ended up with some really weird set up specs, once they were reset to normal the image appeared. Thanks David and Eric, always much appreciated. Cheers, Bob
  3. Good question, I went to a previous project and yes it works fine there.
  4. wrcolclough

    Printing Issue

    Has always worked before but now I go to "Print", the print window opens up, the sheet is visible but blank. Any suggestions? Cheers, Bob
  5. Is there any way to increase the size of the font for window labels? They are by default a lot smaller than any other text. Cheers, Bob
  6. Eric, thank you very much. Kind of glad I had the ghosting glitch, which you solved, as I learned about that and a whole lot from your response! Cheers, Bob
  7. Eric, just before you posted David solved it. Would still like to see the video you provided but there isn't any sound. Much appreciated, Bob
  8. David, Brilliant! Thank you so much - found the problem AND solved it, plus I learnt a few extra things during the video - like those little extra breaks in the roof plane, didn't know they were even there. Thanks again. Cheers, Bob
  9. Doh, I know that. My apologies..... Bob's House (220409-2) ghosting corners.plan
  10. See attached. Note that this is just a mock up to test my new net zero wall so I haven't paid any attention to other details. Thanks, Bob Bob's House (220409-2) ghosting corners.plan
  11. Note that it is a Net Zero wall so what you see ghosting is the extra layer of insulation that is on the exterior of the framed wall....in case that helps.
  12. Home Designer Pro 2022 Looking for a way to get rid of ghosting at some wall intersections. Still image below - on screen it flickers. Tried a number of ways to realign the corner, thinking it is off a bit, but haven't found a solution. Thanks in advance for any help. Cheers, Bob
  13. Doh! Thanks Eric, I didn't realize one would over ride the other. Always appreciate your help. Cheers, Bob
  14. Below are examples of how plan view used to look, and now. Just realized the standard interior wall is no longer in colour as well. I've toggled colour on and off that isn't the problem. Thanks again, Bob