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Hello Everybody,


i have an old barn with non-parallel walls, where i trying to fit a gable roof.

Unfortunately the auto roof build creates a sloping roof height, which means the one side of the ridge is higher than the other. In my opinion this is bc the fixed roof pitch. Is there an option to fix the total height and go for a variable pitch instead?


Thanks for your help in advance.




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You can kind of lessen the slope by adjusting the pitch of each segment of wall to compensate but you wont be able to make the ridge parallel to the ground with that angled wall. 



Another option would be to square off with an invisible wall. 



If you have Home Designer Pro you could turn off the Auto Roof builder and manually change the shape of the roof. 




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seems like a geometry problem as I cannot see how you can get a gable roof with horizontal ridge since the rafters on the side that have the weird angles walls would end up being at different roof pitches to have ridge parallel to the other wall and horizontal. only way I could see this working is to have the 2 angle walls height gently increase so the roof pitch could be fixed and hence parallel and horizontal ridge beam. 


Gables have left & right symmetrical roof planes


So one way I would do it is draw barn with SQUARE walls

Have software make roof and ensure roof  AUTO rebuild is off.


Then move or redraw the funky angled walls and edit them to extend up to the roof plane.

Ceiling joists would need to tie into wall and not sit on plate so BALLOON frame where walls extend past joists.


IF this is real Project the framing crew cringe.



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