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  1. Hi Andrew, It looks like you need to lower the elevation of your garage using the Floor and Ceiling Heights of the Garage. You'll need to do this for both the 0 level and the 1st level. This article has the process: Hope this helps! Carrie
  2. VR is very subject to the hardware you have and the scenes you're displaying. You have to keep in mind that we're rendering the scene multiple times, one for each eye and on screen. Camera views can be hefty by themselves let alone 3 times (or 4 if you're showing both eyes on screen). You can sometimes increase performance by simplifying the scene like turning off shadows, reflections, and bloom, as well as Ambient Occlusion. Ambient Occlusion particularly can be a hog on resources. All of these settings can be found in the Camera Specification. The Rendering Technique used can also affect performance. Physically Based is a lot heftier than Standard. This article has some additional considerations you might review: There is an "Update Lighting on Teleport" setting in the VR dialog that you might double check if your lighting isn't updating as you travel around. As for if the trouble you're seeing is due to Hardware or Project? You could send a copy in to Tech Support and see if we get the same performance on our side with different hardware. Hope this helps! Carrie
  3. Terrain data usually comes from a surveyor. There are businesses out there that can map it out for you with a drone too or your city or county office might have something on file. Depending on the format you might need to A. Trace over a pdf or picture with elevation lines. Terrain> Elevation Data B. Import a text file (XYZ comma delimited) using File> Import> Terrain Data C. Import GPS data from a .gpx file using File> Import> Import GPS Data Depending on the complexity of the lot and the needs of the project but sometimes it is easier to get it close visually using just Elevation Lines and Regions.
  4. Hi, There is not a way to change the layer associated with an object in Home Designer Suite.
  5. Hi bixelps, That darkness can typically be resolved by enabling Texture Compression. Go to Preferences then to Render and you'll see Texture Compression as the last checkbox. This article has some additional things to try if you need it::
  6. CarrieS

    Fixed roof height

    Hi! You can kind of lessen the slope by adjusting the pitch of each segment of wall to compensate but you wont be able to make the ridge parallel to the ground with that angled wall. Another option would be to square off with an invisible wall. If you have Home Designer Pro you could turn off the Auto Roof builder and manually change the shape of the roof.