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  1. Yes, I figured there was information/data to gather via the web. I have a not level at all, acre lot that varies about 15ft from F2Back.
  2. Yes sir, I did. Thank you. For the life of me, I cannot figure out where to start in using a 3rd party program to collect the data and put it in the Excel format... That's where I am right now
  3. Good morning all. Using 2019 Home Designer Suite 1st question. When I see "import terrain data", does that imply that I can somehow import the topographical info of my 1 acre yard? Hence, I don't have to go in and try to design it myself? 1 (a) . Or am I wrong in what "import terrain data" is for? Will "import gps data" import my property? 2nd question. If the above is true, where do I start to gather that data and put into excel format for "import terrain data" Thanks for your valued input fellow users.
  4. Thank you Jo-Ann... There are so many avenues for finding help, it's a bit confusing where I've been.
  5. I stated I wanted to keep the original roof line. I didn't want to modify the front half of the garage roof, as that would be a huge hit to the budget. But thank you for taking the time to do that.
  6. Yeah, for rendering purposes, I'm gonna drop a sink in.
  7. Solver, is this feature "Transform/Replicate" available on Suite 2019? I'm running into the exact same issue, but not able to find the above reference.
  8. You are the man!!! Thank you so much. perfect!! It seems you are the main provider of solutions on here, thank you for that. I'm sure we will meet again good sir. Thanks for the signature tips too.
  9. Yes sir, that's the area. I did as you said and I'm on the right track. It appears I now need to look into something else. I might have inadvertently inputted the wrong info into roof pitch somewhere.
  10. Done 1st_floor_Tara's_Idea.plan
  11. Sorry, thought the pictures explained it. I want the original roof line, with a third gable end as pictured, but with out all that mumbled mess at the top.
  12. Thought i had turned it on, but i also tagged the software too. Thanks
  13. Just another newbie with roof layout issues. See photos. I've read numerous help topics, videos, forum threads and I just can not get it right. Existing Roof. I'm assuming that little drop down over the garage is the culprit. Because when I sampled a L-shaped plan with out the drop down roof, i was easily able to create the gable ends and have the ridge-lines all meet. Addition floor plan Addition Roof.