Roof is generated although No Roof above this room selected


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Hi Everybody,


A question of roofs. I added the balcony to the building below. In the ground floor, I used exterior walls with doorways in order to generate four columns. In the first floor, I used half walls as railing. I selected the room which was generated and checked "no roof above this room". Still, as you see below, the whole roof was prolonged to cover the balcony. It looks to me as if the properties of the outer wall where modified and the overhang was extended. But it's the same overhang as everywhere else. In both floors. 


Does somebody know where this comes from?


Thank you so much!






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Yes exactly. If I set the balcony room to have a roof, the roof looks like this: 




If I change the size of the balcony and I select no roof above this room, the roof doesn't change with the size of the balcony. So there seems to be some kind of fixed overhang defined - but I can't find where? 

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