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I am brand new to Home Designer Pro, but being an engineer not to CAD.  I can not figure out how to setup different slab levels.  In the house I am designing there is to be a raised 6" slab in the middle of the house and the garage is set 7" below the house slab.  Any idea on how to do this?  I gather it is not setup to layout shear walls so I'm just breaking the wall and inserting a different color wall to differentiate.  Also since it doesn't seem to have construction lines I just use the CAD lines to temporarily set the layout and then draw over them.  Is there a better approach?

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Heights are set with the Floor defaults or in your case thru the Room Specification Dialog Box (DBX) , if the raised slab isn't in the same space as a Room then define the  Slab area with invisible walls/Room divider walls to form a "room" so you can set the Rooms height.


the garage slab height you set the same way after designating the Room a "garage" in the structure tab. but use a negative value as everything is set off the main floor height of 0"   so use -6"


I am not familiar with the term "construction lines"  , you'll need to clarify or provide a sample...


tutorials on Split levels





Please add your Version and Title to you signature for easy reference , are you using 2015?


if you need to add pics or plans to your next post see my signature for a link to a how to.



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Thanks, Kbird1.  I'm sorry but it appears I forgot to actually post my response so I will again here.  Construction lines are drawing aids, light lines drawn to align two or several objects.  Essentially, they are vector lines often drawn vertical or horizontal, but can be at any angle and which are commonly removed before the final drawing is completed.  In the HD video she got around using them by drawing a wall the length of the building and then erasing sections she didn't want. 


You end with "Please add your Version no# and title to your Signature".  By version I assume you mean "HD Pro 2015" although I have no knowledge of previous versions and am assuming the year 2015 denotes a version.  I'm not sure what a title is on this forum.

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Hi, I use CAD lines too for layout where needed , then delete them, but find the Crosshairs get most things pretty close if not perfect since things "snap" to each other.

Drawing a full length wall and cutting out the unwanted sections is the easiest way to align long walls with multiple breaks or bumpouts etc in it ,just remember to draw in a clockwise fashion so the exterior of the wall is to the out side.

Sorry if my Signature is unclear

I mean your Software Title ie HD Pro not whether you are Mr, Mrs or Ms Harrbru :)

Your Version is the Year it was Released ie 2015 for you .

It is a good idea to go to your member profile and add this information in the Signature area and anything else you want to , as the Title you have along with the year is helpful in answering many questions , and in this way you don't need to type it into the question each time. ( the software has been around for 15 years ? and there are perhaps 5 "versions" each year ,so the more info the better for answers)

Another good tip for questions is adding pictures and the Plan file to your post , so we can actually look at the problem.

You have the latest and greatest :) ,HD Pro 2015, so all is well.

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