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When you print plans to layout the layout and plan have to have the same name to merge,so am I able to create layout sheets in advance  and save them with my logo and info and label them to what I'm designing say Foundation  First Floor Etc and then  save them in my template file or create a new file. Then do my drawings with matching names  so the merge without having to do it for every drawing

Is this right


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Pro only has one layout sheet so to do the different pages as noted you have to name them differently , the problem with that is that Pro can only use 1 "live" Layout Sheet , ie it will be automatically updated with anything you do to the Plan once it is sent to the Layout the 1st time. So you have to be very aware of what you have updated etc , or only do Layouts (ConDocs) once you have everything drawn and finished, then create a layout per level as you can't geta set of Plans onto one sheet of any size, let alone a 12x18 (Pro max size)


The other way to do it is to use a different plan name per level ,eg 1st floor, foundation ,2nd floor etc and have a "live" layout for each , but this can be an issue too if you change something in one plan it wont update in the others etc .


Either way you need to be very aware of the Layout limitations etc. and Plan accordingly.

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