Double gable fronted house


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I'm using Home Designer Suite 2018 and struggling to draw the roof that my architect has planned.


The target design looks like this, where the gable on the far right has been set back a small distance to satisfy local planners:




I've also attached a birds eye view of the proposed roof structure:




I thought I'd be able to define the front walls of the front bedrooms as Full Gable, and the roof would be built with two equal peaks and a valley between them. However, Home Designer extends the roof line from the left gable and creates big gable with a smaller gable within it:




I've also attached a copy of the upper floor plan in case that helps:




 Is there any way to achieve the target design? I've watched many training videos but haven't come across one with the double gable fronted design shown above so any help would be very much appreciated!




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I see you said Suite 2018.


You can help everyone by adding that info to your signature (see below for how to turn them on) by clicking on your user name at the top right of the page, click Account Settings, then Signature on the left.


Doing so makes it always available, and keeps others from having to hunt for it.


And, turn on signature display too.






Many questions have been asked and answered. The Home Designer website is a good place to start your search.


Here is a video about searching the forum:



Resources for self help:


The built in Help System (always a good place to start)




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Posted (edited)

Thank you both for responding so quickly!


@solver I've turned my signature on and added some details in terms of the software and OS I'm using - thank you for the tip. I did review the help files and search the forums for a dual fronted gable but couldn't find any relevant articles. I've also uploaded the plan file below.


@Jo_Ann thank you so much for that help, you wouldn't believe the number of hours I've spent trying to get this to work!


Applying your suggestion, I've been able to get the two front gables as shown below which is fantastic thank you again!




One thing I noticed is that the ridgeline between the two gables is now the highest point in the roof, whereas the architect drawings have the ridge from the left hip as the high point. I initially thought this might be caused by different roof heights being specified in different rooms but the zoomed in section below shows Home Designer is creating a new section on roof, rather than running the ridgeline straight back from the front gables to intersect the ridgeline from the left hand hip. Do you know why this section is needed? 







Willows P2 No garage v18d.plan

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Follow-up question
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Hi @solver,


Thank you so much for taking the time to look at the plan and record the video - it's incredibly helpful and, as a new user to the forum, I'm genuinely shocked to get that level of help from a forum! 


To address the points you raise:




We are indeed planning a 2 storey side extension and had some hand-drawn plans created by a local builder in 2014 for our planning application to the local council. These were approved and are available on the local government website.


However, when we received quotes for the work, we were only able to afford the internal refurb and single storey rear extension (Phase 1). We then paid a local architect to develop the working drawings for Phase 1, which (a different) builder worked from.


Phase 2 will be to build the side extension and we're hoping to do that in 2023. We only have the original planning drawings so have been using Home Designer Studio 2018 (which we upgraded from previously Home Designer Essentials 2014) to try out different ideas prior to engaging an architect again.


Roof design


To help explain the hand-drawn roofing plan, the areas shown with the lines are all new. These are:

  • A roof over a porch at the front left of the property (this is the main entrance to the house)
  • A roof over a 1 storey extension which runs along the rear of the property (built) and then joins the new 2 storey side extension (not yet built)
  • A roof over the 2 storey side extension (I assume the diamond section is how the original builder wanted to show where the new roof would need to join the old roof, although I agree one does appear to run behind the other which is not intended) 

Until I saw your video, we were intending to go with two gable walls at the front of the property, and use the gulley between them to make a feature of the chimney stack (as you show in the video). However, I can now see the risks over water not draining properly so will look into removing the chimney and changing the front gable to a hip.


I'm tempted to retain the rear gable as I'd like to make sure we have some "wow" features in the extension and am considering a vaulted ceiling in the bedroom at the back right. Whilst that's still possible with a hip, my wife would prefer to keep the internal ceiling structure as simple and symmetrical as possible so I'll need to model it to see if a hip also works. That vaulted ceiling is a big part of why we've had so many designs as it complicates where we place internal walls and therefore where the dressing room / en-suite can go!


If we go for the hip, is that odd-shaped peak required or could we simply extend the main roof ridge line from left to right and then adjust the pitch and height of the roof in the extension to match?


Alignment of external walls


Thank you for highlighting this issue. We've been through many different designs over many months and I hadn't realised the floors had become misaligned. We'll definitely get that corrected as there aren't intended to be any overhangs.




We're based in the UK (I've now added that to my profile - another useful tip!). I've tried to use the materials to reflect the local building style which is typically brick walls on the ground floor and then tile-hung on the 1st floor. 


I'm having a few challenges with other aspects of the design, particularly the stairs and a porch roof at the front of the house but will raise those in a separate thread if necessary as I understand that's good practice.


Thanks again for all your help, it really is incredibly helpful.


Kind regards,



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This example is only intended to show you how to manipulate some of the roof.
You need to start experimenting to see what results you might get.
This example (and settings)  show how to get the triangle / gulley that Eric speaks about.



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I hope that the new architect that you hire has a good sense of design style. :)


You need to clean up / fix the house plan, so that the next plan that you post is more correct.

This assists anyone trying to help you.

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