is all 3D functionality disabled in Trial Home Designer Suite 2022?

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everything i do in 3D just returns dark gray screens.


fairly disappointed that i couldn't even save an hour's worth of energy.


ridiculously strict for such an expensive tool.


i'm on a mac, if that matters.

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3D functionality is resident in all trial versions on computers that support its functionality. Does your Mac meet "Minimum Requirements" as stated on the Home Designer Website? All trial versions do not save or print, their purpose is to let you see how they are programmed to work. Home Designer Suite is cheap at $129.95 as it lets you quickly create relationally correct 3D Architectural models for planning and visualizations. I use Chief Architect Premier X13 which costs $2,965.50 and it is cheap compared to the exchange for its competitors for professionals.



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I am sorry to hear you are having trouble with 3D views.  This is often related to your graphics card as mentioned above.  Our in house tech support can troubleshoot the issue and see if it can be resolved.  You can contact Support at 208-292-3375.  They are open M-F from 7AM to 4PM.


The trial version does not expire (it is not time limited), but there are limitations in that you can print, save or export.  If you keep the program open, you can continually work on a plan. If you feel that it is a fit, you can then purchase the software and plug the paid key into the trial to enable the save feature.  Note that we also have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee after you purchase,


Kind regards,



Chief Architect Software

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