Roof proving to be "Tricky".


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After watching videos and tutorials until 3:30am I am at a loss as to how to proceed.

Looking at the posted images, I am needing the 2nd story exterior wall to be lower so I can create a shed roof that will join the larger roof plane.

You can see I have attempted to lower the wall using an elevation view but when attempting to create a roof plane, the roof still sits on an invisible top plate.

To make matters even more complicated, the majority of these 2nd story rooms in this area should have a vaulted ceiling that reaches to the back (near center) of the 2nd story. (You can see the back wall of these rooms in the images)

My plan was to cut away the larger roof plane, lower the exterior wall, create a roof plane with a more shallow pitch, and then join the edges of two roof planes.

Any suggestions on how to proceed? I tried to make the back wall a High Shed but that wasn't successful either. 

Any thoughts towards this is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Roof Cut 1.JPG

roof 2.JPG

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Roofs build over rooms. Room height, and roof height, is set by the ceiling height of the room. I'm leaving out some things to keep this simple.


Go to the Home Designer website and search cod. Look at the first article in the results.



In a new plan, draw 4 walls to form a room. build a 2nd floor taking all the defaults. Look at it in 3D.


On the 2nd floor, change the ceiling height of the room by 4'. Look in 3D. What changed?

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Select the Rooms along the exterior wall in plan view by control clicking them.
Control E to open Room Specification.
Change ceiling height to desired level above floor.
Create Roof Plane off new lower exterior wall exterior wall.
Join edges of roof planes.

Roof issue 4 resolved 1.JPG

Roof issue 4 resolved 2.JPG

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