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Hi All This month I want to learn all there is about Facades. Taking pictures of existing homes and redesigning there Facades. Some of the homes I have been practicing on thus fa have too many trees for a good shot of the house . I drawn the house then I try to add the new materials and I have no troubles with that. 

When I try to add decor to the exterior  I run into trouble.

Building things I need gives me grief.

My question 

Are there any videos I could watch on adding designer screens to a home.

Adding fancy carports,

Currently the house looks like this




My first attempt at adding and removing as first option for the client. I am unable to add the screens to the windows I have tried a few things. The screens are either timber or metal slates that site proud of the windows by about 500mm (approximately 2'6") 



But I want to create something like this with a curved garage door. The door will need to be straight but from the street it needs to appear curved. My window manufacturer can make the windows in the shape of a wave for me,  but I do not know how to draw them here in HD pro.




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