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I am fairly sure that there is only a single Default (D) setting for each type of configuration, such as cabinet color. But just checking.


What I was hoping to find was some sort of (D1), (D2), etc., so that I could have, in this case, groups of cabinets using a particular set of defaults that could then easily be changed all at once without affecting other groups using different defaults. So be able, for instance, to cycle through colors on painted uppers, and separately cycle through different stain colors on base cabinets, which would not affect cabinets in other rooms using othe defaults.

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There are no multiple defaults in Home Designer. It's been suggested and Chief added something similar to the Chief Architect products 2 versions ago.


You can group select cabinets -- all uppers in a kitchen, for example and change all at once. 


You can restrict a marquee selection to only uppers by first selection the upper cabinet tool, hold Shift and marquee select.


Base cabinets work the same. Full height cabinets need to be selected individually because using the above Shift selection method, first selecting the full height tool restricts the selection to all cabinets, not just the full height.

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