Odd deck artifacts after using space planning tool


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Hello - new to Home Designer - quick Q -

I have gone through the pdf tutorial and watched videos, and getting dangerous with designs :D

I discovered the space planning tool - super handy design tool to quickly mock/sketch up a house design.


However - it does this wierd thing - when I select 'build house' and then have a look in camera view, it creates these deck structures with pier/cement footings and support trusses that I did not create.


Why is it doing that?  There is no way I can see to remove them - only visible in camera view - not visible in the plan, no way to select them and remove them that I can see.



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Thank you very much for the assist!  Done (sig) and thx for the starting links.


Attached is what I'm seeing -

  • mockup of 'room boxes' using 'Space Planner' tool
  • view in plan view after build (no decks/structures)
  • view in camera view after build (deck structures visible can't remove)

I did at one point have decks and patios back there, was experimenting and deleted them. I tried check plan but didn't find anything/fix anything.


Thx for ideas.





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