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Hi, all!  I'm working on building a kitchen island - about 4' x 6', images of similar attached - that will have an apron-front sink/dishwasher/cabinet along one long edge and seating along the other... my question is what's the best way to do the end panels and support skirt that runs between them on the 'seating' side of the island?


thanks in advance!

Island-cabinet side.jpg


Island-seating side.jpg

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Depends on how accurate you want to be.


For the side panels, you can place a door from the library and convert it to a fixture, then resize it. Or build it from parts -- like soffits. No way to place a molding so everything will be square edged. You could use a cabinet like this.




No one wants to hear this, but Premier has the features to model this accurately, and to do things like route plumbing (although not really easily, but it can be done. See this video for an idea).





22 minutes ago, Wayn_CA said:

support skirt


The library is full of things -- search for valance.



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