How to toggle off weird lines on floor plan ?


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EDIT (SOLVED: Yes the lines are for a roof over each room. I am selecting each room one by one then choose to have NO ROOF over each room. A little time consuming but it is making those lines go away.



I am designing a floor plan for my house, I have it looking good-- except for some weird lines over each room that I think might relate to a roof? I want them to NOT display, because the purpose of this floor plan is to simply show the floor plan to potential buyers when I sell my house; the floor plan does not have to be viewed in 3D etc, I just want a simple floor plan. I have attached the main floor plan so you can see what I mean--- lines crisscrossing over each room, that mean nothing to me, again maybe related to the roof and if so how would I turn them off, or would I somehow create the house with no roof to get rid of the lines?

2021-10-05 10_22_21-Home Designer Architectural 2021.png

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Problem Solved!
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