Freezing and rolling cursor with running mouse


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Hello, I need helps, BIG SOS

I'm having a long time frustration experience for months now using this software. I update it for the 2021 Home Design Pro about a year now, but a few months after using it I'm keep having those issues where I can not finish any drawing/plan. Everything takes for ever, freezing. Every move/click I made, the arrow/circle glass start rolling, sometimes for hours that I have to leave it, close the computer and when back even day after it still rolling. Then, other issues are when want to draw, check on an item, the mouse arrow start running none stop from the place I check/click, follow by the arrow/circle glass running and can't do anything. It is really frustrating. What cause that and how can I solve this for not making me mad and brake the computer that I will regret after :)? Thank you in advance for your help

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