Texture display issues in 2020 and 2021


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Home Designer Pro, both 2020 and 2021


Some background: I first installed my employer's Home Designer Pro 2015 from disc six or seven years ago, and soon upgraded to 2017 on my employer's dime. Got another job and uninstalled all-- I did not own the license. Needed to access the the plan for my own house, which I'd designed in HDPro 2017, so I purchased and installed Home Designer Pro 2020, and upgraded to 2021 when it was available. All versions worked splendidly on my old Asus ZenBook with zero issues. Successfully designed everything from stage sets to tiny homes to loft apartments to wedding venues.


I got a new Asus VivoBook about two months ago, and sat down Friday evening and Saturday to work on some set designs for a theatre. I downloaded Home Designer Pro 2021 from my locker and installed allllll my calibz files, both from backup drive and download. And I'm about to pull my hair out.


Display issues on new machine that I never encountered on my old machine:

--Big black splotch of varying size that seems to be tied to the camera straight ahead (no matter what direction the camera is pointed)

--Wonky and unpredictable tiling of textures.  I've tried replacing the textures, but it does not help.

--Textured surfaces rendering black.


Downloaded 2020 and some 2020 versions of some of the calibz files to test with newly-generated test plans. Same issues.


I can only assume it's a graphics card issue?  It ONLY happens when I have textures enabled. I can turn off textures and the black spot goes away. It will render shadows. Everything just goes wonky with textures, both on existing plans and newly-generated test plans.


I have updated every driver I can find. The graphics card is integrated and non upgradable.


Thanks in advance

Untitled 2.jpg


Untitled 1.jpg

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