Roofs don't quite meet

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I'm using Home Designer Pro 2021 to design a house and garage.


The house has a 7/12 roof pitch and the garage has a 12/12 roof pitch.  I'm joining the two roofs with a lay up roof.  I have two problems.  1.The valleys at the bank don't quite join.  2. The house roof at the eaves runs down at the same angle as the valley.  I can't figure out why.  No roofer would ever do that, but it'd be still nice to have the plan look correct!  Can anybody tell me what I've done wrong?


1. Photo showing the 'double line' valley to the right of the word Garage.



And, 2.  The funky eave detail.  See how it doesn't come out at 90 degrees?




House 1 and Garage Elevations with stairs dormer.plan

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You have 2 roof planes where you only need one. 


With manual roofs, it's up to you to fix funky details.


Videos on the HD site, the Chief YouTube channel, and my YouTube channel.

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Thanks.  Interesting suggestion.  Also,  found that you could use the 'Break' feature on rooflines as well as walls.  That helped.

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