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I'm trying to draw some existing cmu foundation piers. When I try to set the dimensions between the piers the height and width of the piers keep changing instead of just moving the pier to the correct location. It seems that I am unable to move a pier closer than 9" to another one. If I do the two seem to snap together and merge. How do I avoid this?


I choose 8" CMU Stem wall_2 has a thickness of 8" Length of 16". So far so good.




Temporily I place it in. I want to move it up and to the right.



When I click it... only 3 boxes come up. I don't want to change the left/right dimensions. I want it to remain 16x8. The red dot only allows me to move it up and down... i cannot move it right/left.




When I drag it up to the exterior wall, suddenly the whole thing grows! It's now 20x8!! What's going on??




Messing around with it, 9" is as close as it will let me place it.




Any closer than 9" and it does this again:



Any suggestions?








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Is there a way to lock the dimensions of a slab object so it doesn't change shape and instead just moves? Using these slabs no longer has the snapping issue like the walls did, but every time I just try to move it over an inch or two the whole shape changes.

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