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Hello everyone , I've got a likely simple issue that I can't figure out .

I have a home , vinyl siding throughout but I want to change the siding on only the gable ends to a staggered shake but when I highlight the gable and change the siding to staggered shake all the siding changes on the whole house. How do I change just the gable siding. 

I know it is something simple I am missing. Thanks.

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Yes, very simple. Create a new wall type that has the siding you want. Then change just the gable walls to the new wall type in plan view on your attic level. As a side note, since it's a gable wall, you may not want the drywall on the inside, so delete that as well while you're creating the new wall. Then when you draw your section view, it will show studding and not drywall inside.

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