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Hi all,


I'm trying to turn what would have been attic space into a loft area with a large shed-style dormer to give it some head room. I do not want to build a true second story (I just want the loft, I don't want the extra square footage all over the house), but after several less-than-satisfactory attempts and an inability to put a stairwell in the attic, I made a two inch high second floor. Now, I'm putting in the dormer over the loft and I really want it to be flush with the walls on either side, but because it's a dormer it won't connect. Is there a more elegant way to make the dormer connect to the walls? Or if someone just has a better idea to achieve the look I'm wanting in general, I'm all ears. I feel like I really need that "Gable Roof Line" tool in a shed roof option...


Any help or insight is appreciated!




Attic to Loft.plan

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4 hours ago, solver said:

Do not use the Dormer tools, create the dormer manually.


I have a couple of videos on my YouTube channel that might help.

I watched some videos and tried a few of your suggestions, thanks. When I break the roof planes and snap it to the edge of the roofline, the walls aren't automatically generating like they do in your videos. That could just be because I have my second floor only a few inches high, though. If I delete the second floor and try that, no walls come up for the attic space, which I assume is normal. I also tried exploding the auto dormer I'd already built, but then the walls wouldn't display correctly either (weird overlap and shifting the automatically generated wall). 


I tried several different combinations of things, but the most promising one so far has been to delete the second floor, put shelf ceilings over the laundry/living area, manually draw the exterior walls and railings, and draw a roof plane. However, I can't adjust the wall height and I have an oddly tall dormer that is higher than my roof ridge on the far wall. I also have to draw a ceiling plane and, for some reason, the attic wall on the other side of the house reversed and the exterior siding is now inside.


Anything else I could try?


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11 hours ago, solver said:


This worked perfectly, and I learned quite a bit along the way. Thanks for the other tips as well -- camera view, sunlight, etc. 

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