Is There an Easy Way to Activate Camera Views When Opening a Plan

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When a plan is saved and reopened, the camera views that were open do not get reopened. At least in my experience. I have been opening them by locating them on the plan and using Open the View Associated with this Object icon or double clicking.  This is tedious, and overview cameras are often a long ways away from the plan. In addition, the cameras are small and hard to find and to click. It knows what cameras are included.


Is there a way to find this as a list that is easily clicked?


I suppose I could change the default camera size to make them easier to find, but this clutters up the plan, and it is still a tedious procedure.



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I found I don't have to locate the camera in the plan.  It is enough to select anywhere on the line to the focal point and double-click or use the Open the View Associated with this Object icon. This is easy to do and is a reasonable solution to what was formerly an annoyance.

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