Cannot Change Line Weights in Plan View


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I am trying to build a terrain for a lot with a complicated topology. It is next to impossible to distinguish Elevation Data from the rest.  I can change the fill but not the line weights.  That is, I can change them either in the Display Options or in the Open Object for the object, but they don't change in the UI. In the attached screen dump, the selected line has a line weight of 30 (default was 18), but it isn't any different from the rest. Note that I _have_ redefined the fills for some objects.


I do have Line Weights selected on the left.  Selecting or not selecting it makes no difference.


This is making it very hard to define the terrain.  For example I was getting glitches that I finally traced to short stray lines apparently generated when trying to connect splines.  I could not see them.

Screenshot Line Weight Issue-2021-04-20.jpg

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16 minutes ago, KennethEvans said:

the selected line has a line weight of 30 (default was 18)


Make it 60 (just make it more) to see a difference.

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