How to import a bak-file into my project

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Hello community, I want to buy a kitchen. I was aking the kitchen supplier if he can send me the dwg-files of all kitchen objects. Instead of sending me dwg-files he was sending me a bak-file. I checked on google and they say I must rename the bak-file into a dwg-file. So I did it and I imported the dwg-file in my project (File->Import->Import3DSymbol). The problem here is that all the kitchen is only one object instead of multiple objects. So, I am only able to select the entire kitchen as a single object. See the video below. Is there a better way to import a bak-file? Or should I ask the kitchen supplier for all single dwg-files? Maybe somebody can also explain me what exactly a bak-file is? Is this maybe a package file (like a libary)? THX and BR Marco

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.bak fileextention


A symbol imported into HD Pro is only editable as to size and materials limited to how the symbol was originally created by others... My advice is to just create, manually the kitchen in PRO as editing a symbol made in a program you are unfamiliar with is not a job I would saddle anyone with. Symbols are best edited in the program in which they were created.



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