Dormers and enclosing sloped space created underneath

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I'm having trouble with understanding how to create an enclosed space underneath a dormer-created space on the 2nd floor (underneath the dormer).  I also have trouble with my plan view showing the dormer walls on the 2nd floor plan view.  I can't find a tutorial or information on how these issues are solved.  In the first case, I would like to create an enclosed closet in the angled space created between the two gable dormers.  I can create an inside wall  and place it against the slope of the ceiling in the plane parallel with the exterior wall, but I can't seem to create the sides of the enclosure by the same process of just drawing an interior wall.   After three days of trying, I am pretty frustrated.  It's probably something simple I can't figure it out.  I also would like to know if there is a way to prevent the dormer sidewalls from showing up in the plan view (examples as shown in the attached pic with blue arrows). 


I'm using Home Designer Architect 2021.  Any help or tips would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Dormer enclosure Issue.jpg

Plan View Dormer Wall 2nd Floor.jpg

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Thank you for your response.  I'll try to learn how to do this.  I'll follow this tutorial  on building a shed dormer which should teach me how to do this I hope.


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