Crawl Space Floor After Enabling "Floor Under This Room" does not show


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I'm using Home Designer Pro 2021


I created a super simple example plan that is attached.

After setting the foundation room type to "Crawl Space" and then enabling " "Floor Under This Room" no floor is shown in 3D views or in cross section view.


After enabling "Floor Under This Room", it shows the floor thickness dim in the dialog preview:

image.png.c4a22a75820737b89aa8ddecb90f26d7.png    image.png.7230ca9ca0589135788e01ac2dc3618c.png

and floor structure seems defined correctly defined along with materials for floor structure:

image.png.f141a62922551d4a007906b33615d0c7.png   image.thumb.png.7db4e14600af84bbf76e0e58d88f446b.png


but this is what I see in 3D (doll house floor 0) and cross-section:

image.thumb.png.235149ffd1ad0b73a0da58e9059bef5e.png    image.thumb.png.e158592d74352aaad5ce05b60bc675b5.png


The example is about as trivial example as I could think of:



If I change the room type to basement, then a floor shows as I would expect.


Seems simple, but I must be missing something to make the floor render, any suggestions?





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Eric, thanks for investigating.


I didn't realize that room types could have some fixed attributes that can not be changed in Pro.


I see now for the default rooms in pro that some have "Function" = living, bath, closet, slab, open below, etc.


Doesn't seem like the help has any info about what these functions imply about the room that apparently can't be overridden for each room created.


Do you know if there is a reference for this (what each function type implies) somewhere?


From a practical perspective, I will use your solution...just use another room type


In any case, seems I learned that room types are more than just a set of default settings as I originally thought (at least in pro).



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