Relative Heights issue between defaults and plan

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I'm having an issue with flooring disappearing whenever I create a Monolithic Slab foundation.   On a dollhouse view, I can see the flooring choices BEFORE I build the foundation, but all I see is concrete AFTER building a Slab Foundation (except in the garage and porch areas - they continue to show tile or stained concrete).    Note this issue does NOT occur when I create a Walls with Footings foundation.


In  the process of trying to find what setting I may have wrong, I came across an issue regarding settings for Relative Heights which may, or may not, be the cause...


I compared my 1st Floor Defaults and the Room Specification data for my affected 1st floor rooms.   The absolute elevations seem to be correct, but the Relative Heights on the Room dbx are TWICE the amount of the same values on the 1st Floor Defaults screen (242 1/4 vs 121 1/8 on Rough Ceiling) even though the Room Spec is showing its a default value (wrench with checkmark).  


In the Room Spec dbx I tried changing the relative values but it also changes the absolute values (to negative numbers !).    I also tried to use Reset to Defaults (all floors, ceiling and floor heights), but it had no effect.


Any suggestions on next steps?


1st Floor Defaults.jpg

1st Floor Room Specification.jpg

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That won't work.  It's a problem specific to a plan that I've played around with for weeks (3 stories).   In trying to troubleshoot the problem, , I created a separate structure on the first floor in the same file.    THAT structure doesn't exhibit the same problem as the main house.  So its got to be a setting specific to this plan.   Let me see if I can strip down this plan and still retain the issue....

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While trying to strip down the model to post, I found my problem area!!


I was having trouble getting a 3 story entry on the two story house to display the way I wanted it (roof design and wall materials issues).   So I had this "brilliant" idea to make the Entry a separate structure.


That was apparently my mistake because with the Entry "building" so close to the main house, its foundation was "breaking" the foundation on the main house!


So I'm reworking the entry back into the main house.

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