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Hi All...


I am using HD Pro 2015.  I am trying to place a window across two (2) wall sections.  The wall sections are part of a foundation with stepped footings.  One (1) wall section has the footings two (2) feet deeper than the second section, that is why I have two (2) sections, the top of the sections are on the same level.  The window is at the top of the foundation and I would like to place it partially in both sections of the foundation.


Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can do this?




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it would be much easier to give you a good answer if you post your plan or even a few pics , otherwise it's just guesses at what you are trying to do , see the 2nd link in my Sig. below if you don't know how to attach Pics or plans.


I think Kat is referring to this setup



which I used on this house



Once the Step Foundation is built properly you can then in an Elevation view "cut out" the concrete for the window if needed and make it larger , as I did here for the 3rd window from right



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