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  1. I can just break the bottom wall to create the step and the top wall stays as one segment and I can add the window?
  2. Hi All... I am using HD Pro 2015. I am trying to place a window across two (2) wall sections. The wall sections are part of a foundation with stepped footings. One (1) wall section has the footings two (2) feet deeper than the second section, that is why I have two (2) sections, the top of the sections are on the same level. The window is at the top of the foundation and I would like to place it partially in both sections of the foundation. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can do this? Thanks Hud
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    Window Labels

    Ok Thanks...I was hoping there was a way to change it globally so I wouldn't have to go into each window and specify the label
  4. hudder

    Window Labels

    Hi... I am using Home Designer Pro 2015. Window labels are in the format 6050TC for a 6'0" x 5'0" triple casement window. Does anyone know how I can change the label to be in inches as opposed to feet and inches, so instead of 6050TC, I would be showing 7260TC? Thanks
  5. OK...thanks
  6. Hi... I am using Home Designer 2015 Pro. I am trying to add a full height panel between the refigerator and the cabinets but I can't find how do to this. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks