How to draw stairs with newels not in default location?


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I have Home Designer Pro 2019


When I draw a staircase or a landing, if I specify that it has a railing, balusters and newels, it appears that the newels are placed in default locations that cannot be changed (other than the distance between them).


1.  For example, for a flight of stairs HD places the bottom newel on the floor and a little in front of the bottom step. But what if I want the newel sitting completely on top of the first step and back 3" from the tread nose? I don't see anyway to move the newel post generated using the Interior Staircase dialog screen. I could not use the default newel posts and instead add them individually from the Library, but then how do I draw a handrail?

2.  In the attached file you can also see that the upper flight goes to a "balcony." However the balcony has a 4" protrusion at the top of the stairs which means that the automatically generated stair railing stops 4" short of the newel post at the top that is part of the balcony railing. How do I extend this railing?


Thanks for ANY help,


Stairs Newel example.plan

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You can sometimes use a 2nd stair, sized so that it is buried within the real stair, to provide a non standard rail.


Make it narrow, maybe 2", railing on 1 side etc. Stairs are a pain when doing anything that is not the default way.

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