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Is there a way to get a cut list or expanded materials list only for selected walls? When I select a wall and click on "Calculate materials from selection", the materials list only shows the height and length of "Interior-4 Wall", not the components (stud lengths, sheetrock, etc)


HD Pro 2021


Thanks in advance for replies!

Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 7.35.47 PM.png

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I do interior home redesign and remodeling. So I'm starting with an existing house, putting its dimensions and specs into HD, then changing certain interior walls and rooms, but not all (new bedrooms, bath, kitchen etc). It would be great to have the cut list only for certain walls to make it easier to estimate material cost!



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You can use different wall types.


Define a new type that does not use a framing material for the main layer, and other layers are using materials that do not report to the materials list.


Draw the house using the new wall types, save a copy, then make your changes using normal walls that will go into the materials list.


You can do the same for all materials, just takes some work to define the new materials, and remembering to use them.



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