Importing dwg CAD file into Home Designer Pro 2021

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I want to convert a .dwg file into a 3D drawing in Home Designer Pro 2021.  I have searched the forums and youtube and none of the information seems to work.  Is this just another feature that is limited to whatever version they want to upsell me on, or am I missing something? 


I drew my original layout in Home Designer Pro 2021.  I gave a pdf to a draftsman to do the architectural drawings.  He uses Autocad to do his drawings, so he sent me a .dwg file to import in HDP.  The first file, was more like a layout (with all elevations and levels on one page), so I even had him send me separate dwg files for each level.  I was able to import the drawings using the wizard.  Through a rather tedious process, I was also able to line up the different floor levels, but I seem to have no way to convert the elements from his drawing layers into actual walls, doors, windows or other 3D elements in HDP.  I really wanted to make sure that my model and his were the same.  Since I don't have AutoCAD and haven't used it in 20 years, I didn't want to have to buy or learn a new software package for this one project. 


There are some youtube videos that show how to do this with older versions of HD premier, but they don't seem to work for my version of the software.  When I click on the line for a wall element (for instance), I don't get an option to convert it to an HDP wall.


It seems like CAD compatibility would be a commonly used thing, so what am I missing?  




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I am sorry to report that you are as we say "SOL", no Home Designer software has the capability to do anything other than to sketch over AutoCAD 2D drawings. The 2D AutoCAD stuff can only be sketched over using HD's 3D tools like walls, windows, doors, dimensions.


Only Chief Architect Premier has the abilities to import and then convert 2D AutoCAD lines to walls directly through a "tedious" process of setting up Chief Premier's "CAD to Walls" tool. I have Chief Premier and I rarely use that tool because it is not that good OMHO. What I do is to import the 2D AutoCAD stuff and then trace over it ala Home Designer.



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I was afraid of that. Thanks for confirming it.  Since I can buy Autocad for not much more than the cost to upgrade to Premier, I'm not sure it is worth it to upgrade and then still have to basically rebuild the drawing.  Hopefully, the developers can improve on this in the future, along with making the renderings less cartoonish.

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