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Hello all,
I am looking at doing "in house" plans for additions, remodels, etc. instead of sending out to the draftsman we have been using and waiting for him.  I would like to be able to draw up plans and then be able to send out to an our engineer if needed.  If I can cut out the time of having to wait for a draftsman to do the drawings, that is going to help our projects out immensely.
What I am trying to figure out is if this program will input the governing codes, plumbing notes, mechanical notes, electrical notes. etc into the plans or is that something that I would have to manually add?  I like the options that the Home Designer Professional 2021 has to offer.
And if it doesn't and it isn't a "conflict of interest" with this program, do anyone have any recommendations on which programs to check out?
I have asked in a few other Contractor groups on Facebook and all I get are people trying to sell me their service. 


Thanks for any input

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No program that I know of will input those things for you. How could it know what is needed?


You would normally build up your own library of details and notes and use them as required.

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