Where to find floor plans in CA format?

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Is there some reputable site to purchase home plans that are in Chief Architect file format? I see lots of sites which offer “CAD” but no further details on format, and hard to gauge their quality.

I successfully used CA home architectural to do an extensive remodel. Now I would like to tackle a home build, and prefer to start with a template which I can explore and modify the footprint myself. 

Thanks in advance!

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You won't find any of the large home plan sites selling Chief file format plans. There are a few people using Chief that do sell plans, but they do not advertise as doing so, and often will not sell the plan file, only a PDF.


Have you looked at the cost of buying plans?


Drawing plans with the software is trivial, so why the desire to start with a stock plan?


A plan should take into account your needs, building site etc. Something a stock plan cannot do.

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Thanks. I have building skills and understand framing and floor plans, but lack in architecture design skills :blink:


Would be ideal to buy a nice plan by a good designer to start with, then tweak details per my liking. Left to my own devices from ground up it would look like a square box hip roof tract home... :P

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