Pole Barn Loft

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Hello all, I'm looking to create a barn with an open loft in the corner.  See screenshot below (of a different CAD tool) of the basic idea.  The sloping terrain on my property will allow for a door that leads directly to the loft elevation.

Does this have to be done with 2 floors?  Or can I create a "room" inside the structure without affecting the ceiling or roof?  Any help would be appreciated!






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1 minute ago, Tony_Lisle said:

Does this have to be done with 2 floors?


Yes (maybe). There are multiple ways to set it up -- a 2nd floor over the entire structure, or one only for the loft.


And you might also try using a Shelf Ceiling over the room and no 2nd floor. This will let you set the ceiling height for just that space independent of the larger room.

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