Apple Lap Top with windows and HD Pro


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I purchased HD Pro 2014 in early 2014, along with a Apple Laptop Computer. I had to purchase Windows 8.1 and have it installed on my computer also so that HD Pro would operate. It is working fine, except that I now have two operating systems running at the same time, and it uses up space and energy.


QUESTION; If I upgrade to the 2015 HD Pro. and run it on the latest Apple Operating system.  DO I need to completely remove everything (windows 8.1, parallels, and HD Pro.) so that the NEW 2015 HD Pro works with out a hitch?

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Since David himself runs multiple versions of HD and Chief side by side on his computer, I see no reason the 2015 upgrade would not work , just download the mac version of the free Trial and do some testing , if it works ,as it should, activate it to the full version ( you don t need to uninstall and reinstall for this).


The Trial


Monday you can calls sales to as suggested if you have in depth questions here

Sales / Customer Service:
208-292-3400 / 800-482-4433
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