Floor covering appearing inside spiral staircase


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Somewhere in aligning second story walls with those below and/or other changes nearby, I'm now getting a floor covering protruding through a spiral staircase "room" that is set to "Open Below".  You can see from the pics that it is not the entire floor, just the floor covering, and while the "room" includes the square corner in the highlight on the second floor, the picture shows a circular truncation of the floor covering in the corner like it's part of the round staircase piece and not the "room" defined by the walls/railing.  Could that be related to the issue, somehow?  Thanks!






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1 hour ago, Jo_Ann said:

You need to re-do the 2nd floor railing around the stairs.  It is causing the problem.

Thanks, Jo_Ann!

I just drug the railing back away from the corner by just a skosh, and *POOF*!  ;-)


Thanks, again!  Now how do I stretch the spiral and give it another 180* of twist?  ;-)

Screen Shot 2020-11-12 at 16.57.25.jpg

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