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  1. I've got three different flat roofs that are each going to have a surrounding parapet and scuppers to drain rainwater into a exterior wall mounted "Conductor Head" (aka Leader Head, scupper box, rain collector, collector head, gutter head, etc.), which will fill a rain barrel through the downspout. Other than a standard rain gutter check box in the roof dialog, I can't seem to find a way to show those rainwater catchment devices (I did find the two rain barrel fixtures). Any suggestions, or do I just make something manually and stick it to the wall? Thanks!
  2. Well, I got that to work pretty similar to yours, but it seems that the software won't let me go past 360*. I wonder if I can stack one on top of the other in the same space (maybe with an invisible landing between the two)? Anyone know if that's possible? If they are assigned to different floors perhaps? ;-)
  3. Wow!! I didn't think that was possible in HD Pro! I'll go have a look, thanks for the tip! <3
  4. . . . and I take by the silence here, that my assumption is correct. :-(
  5. Thanks, Jo_Ann! I just drug the railing back away from the corner by just a skosh, and *POOF*! ;-) Thanks, again! Now how do I stretch the spiral and give it another 180* of twist? ;-)
  6. Since the Spiral Stair fixture is a symbol, and not an actual built staircase, I'm assuming that there is no way to "walk up the spiral stair case" in filming a walkthrough? ;-)
  7. Somewhat related to me previous question, I read that Spiral stairs are "fixture symbols", and as such, they do not automatically generate a stairwell. I also see that they can be resized like a regular symbol, but can they also somehow be modified beyond the two "standard" ones provided (i.e. large and small)? I have two sets, one inside and one outside, and the inside one wants to turn an additional 540* to the landing above. Is there any way to show that? Also, do I just need to manually build a floor as a landing to attach to the spiral stair on the outside one? I can't see how to do that--a manual roof line, maybe? Thanks!
  8. Somewhere in aligning second story walls with those below and/or other changes nearby, I'm now getting a floor covering protruding through a spiral staircase "room" that is set to "Open Below". You can see from the pics that it is not the entire floor, just the floor covering, and while the "room" includes the square corner in the highlight on the second floor, the picture shows a circular truncation of the floor covering in the corner like it's part of the round staircase piece and not the "room" defined by the walls/railing. Could that be related to the issue, somehow? Thanks!
  9. Thanks, solver (and Jo_Ann). Don't know what I did wrong the first time (I'm guessing it had something to do with rebuilding the foundation or not having auto on), but I went into the defaults rebuilt the whole foundation to the defaults, and now it's great!
  10. That worked, thanks! I was fearing it would delete the room as well. However, it still shows as having a concrete floor, for some reason I've tried messing with the defaults, but can't get this porch/covered patio to have the same floor as the rest of the ground floor rooms. It still has a 4" concrete floor that I can't seem to get rid of. Is it because it is not being included in "habitable space"? :-/
  11. Ah, shoot. I just realized that they are two separate sections "floor" and "slab", and I guess I drew the covered porch as a slab and built the walls, roof, etc. on top of that slab. Am I hosed? :-/
  12. I designed an enclosed patio all along the south side of my Casita and drew it originally as a slab floor thinking that I'd put radiant floor heating in it, but now want to make it part of the foundation of the rest of the house. I can change/remove the foundation on the rest of the house, but I can't find any options to change the 10'x35' slab floor to a foundation to match the rest of the house (either in the manual or the "open object" dialog). I'm trying to keep it all on one level, and I really don't want to have to redraw the whole manual roof lines, parapets, railings, etc. Thanks!
  13. Just found an old reply to look at the "Energy Sources" library file, and it's free! :-)
  14. I see that there is a "color" to paint a surface to look like a PV solar panel, but is there an item in the library that folks are using to represent them, or is there an item in an add on library somewhere I missed? Thanks!