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  1. Jamie_KMG-365

    Missing Floor Framing Between Floors

    Ah, thanks!
  2. Jamie_KMG-365

    How are folks representing photovoltaic solar panels?

    Just found an old reply to look at the "Energy Sources" library file, and it's free! :-)
  3. I see that there is a "color" to paint a surface to look like a PV solar panel, but is there an item in the library that folks are using to represent them, or is there an item in an add on library somewhere I missed? Thanks!
  4. Jamie_KMG-365

    Missing Floor Framing Between Floors

    Sorry. I think I got it. I just pulled the "stucco pants" up of the wall below to cover the gap. Casita_3.0.plan
  5. Jamie_KMG-365

    Missing Floor Framing Between Floors

    What am I missing to specify to fill in the floor framing between these floors? Thanks! :-)
  6. Jamie_KMG-365

    Putting a pony wall with railing in a wall with an arched opening

    Brilliant, THANKS!! :-D
  7. Thanks to all who have so generously offered helpful answers! Here's another poser. How do I continue this short pony wall with a railing through an existing wall with a large archway opening? (see pic, I still have to go figure out where my floor/ceiling joists went!) :-)
  8. Jamie_KMG-365

    Adding an eyebrow roof above windows attached to parapet above ceiling

    Yes! I had drawn the roof planes too far into/above the wall, which didn't affect the railing as they just punch through the Spanish tile, but the lower wall would not. I drug the roof plane back and it was like a Jack-In-The-Box: up popped my parapet! :-D Thanks again! <3
  9. Jamie_KMG-365

    Adding an eyebrow roof above windows attached to parapet above ceiling

    Ahh, just lost my whole reply! Finally figured out why it wasn't working for me. Then I couldn't post a pic for some reason. Getting: "There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200" Trying again.
  10. Jamie_KMG-365

    Adding an eyebrow roof above windows attached to parapet above ceiling

    Got it! (Sorry for the folksy style. I forgot I was dealing with engineers). ;-) Question: "How do I make a 20" high solid parapet around the perimeter of a flat roof creating a balcony "room" and then also add a 20" railing on top of the parapet?"
  11. Jamie_KMG-365

    Adding an eyebrow roof above windows attached to parapet above ceiling

    Yes, I finally figured out the manual roof planes, and I did notice the corbels (one pattern very much like mine) in the library. You're right, I'm trying to build this plane as I'm taxiing down the runway. :-) Thanks very much for your help.
  12. Jamie_KMG-365

    Adding an eyebrow roof above windows attached to parapet above ceiling

    Ah, thanks! I didn't know why I missed that in the manual. That worked well, thanks again! <3
  13. Hello all, New user here. I'm designing a granny flat (ADU) for my wife and I to grow old and die in (son just got "married with kids" and now "this house ain't big enough for the six of us!"), and I'm trying to match the style of the existing 1935 Spanish Revival Style in front. I've got a long south-facing covered/partially enclosed patio (aka a "California room") and I'm trying to attach an eyebrow roof above the openings high enough to let in the low winter sun and project enough to shade them in summer. The eyebrow will run the length of the south wall and wrap around the east and west walls to cover the first 1-2 openings. Since there is no "room" in front of/outside the house, I can't seem to find a way to just "stick" a long, shallow "shed roof" to the wall. :-) Also, there is to be a flat roof with a ~20" parapet above this eyebrow so I can raise the attachment point of the top of the eyebrow and buy some more slope. I need to have enough slope for the Spanish tile eyebrow roof, while not blocking too much of the high arched openings below (it's only going to project about 30-36" from the house, see pics of existing). I'm struggling between calling the room above a "deck" and using railings (which looks goofy), or making a room above with 20" high (solid) walls for the parapet, but then I don't know how to get any sort of "railing" on top of the parapet "walls". Do I need to make a "fourth floor" with no floor to make the railings, perhaps? I couldn't figure out how to do it with a pony wall. Attached is one picture that I was using as a sort of representation of what I'm looking for as well as the one I put on the existing house, which I will be trying to match. The railing on top of the parapet will only need to be another 20" high (to give a total 40" height from the roof deck) and will likely be stuccoed with a clay tile cap, with no more than 6" clearance between the round ballusters (per code). The newels will be slightly larger than the ballusters (and squarish), but not as massive as those in the picture of the example house. :-) I'm an old-school pencil and paper guy (though I did take early CAD classes in the early 1980's), but this program was recommended by an architect friend, and I feel more like I'm designing a video game! Thanks in advance for any guidance you can provide! <3 Casita_2.0.plan