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I am designing a home to be built in Indonesia using local modern techniques.

I need to implement the following into my building structure:

All floors are slab poured on grade integrated with All Interior and exterior walls having a foundation;

The Exterior and Interior walls are then added on and consist of the following:

Poured concrete columns which support concrete ceiling beams as well as concrete beams/headers for all doors and windows.

In between the spaced columns, brick and mortar are used to fill in between them (see image). The walls are then finished with a cement layer on both sides.

How can I design these columns, beams, headers, brick fill systems and cement finish layer with HDPro-?

Thank You Very Much-!


Screen Shot 2020-09-25 at 2.04.04 PM.png

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I recommend that you hire a Licensed Structural Engineer to advise you relative to structural design and layout. Another LARGE factor is the quality and attributes of the geology of your building lot that directly affects the design of the foundation and structural considerations. Emulating the advice is then easy in HD Pro because you now know what it is supposed to look like from the Engineer.



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