Material Lists and Changes to framing


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Thank you Eric.

Here is the plan I was referring to.  I deleted the wall framing, so I could just focus on the roof elements.  In my original version, I was having a similar problems with the wall framing.  There were quite few 2x4 studs and plates that seemed to be duplicated in the Material list, but did not appear in the framing camera view.  

As a side note, I have been using Chief 8.0 for a number of years and decided a few days ago purchased Home Designer Pro, so I'm feeling my way thru it.

91 MontclairAve2.plan

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So odd,  I went into (...clair2.plan) and to "Build Roof"  >  "Structure"> "Roof" and checked the Build roof box.  Got the framing then did a Material List and Under roof got the following:  


  downspout 2
bend to slope roof/wall flashing 22 ft
1 3/4" x 9 1/4" ridge board - lvl 26 ft
2" x 10" ridge board - lumber 22 ft
2" x 8" rafters - lumber 545 ft
2" x 6" rafters - lumber 129 ft
2" x 4" rafters - lumber 38 ft

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