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I have Home Designer Version 9.0 and I am having trouble creating a shed roof.  The plans are for an outbuilding, 24 x 36, with 2 bedrooms and bathroom on the second floor.  The gable dormers are on the front (done that), and the bathroom will be in the in the back, under the shed roof.  Can anyone help me?


You can call me on cell at 703 216 2060.



Outbuilding - HOLD.plan

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Solver / Others,


Per the photos attached, this is what I get.  There is a shed roof, but when set the height to the height of the rest of the roof, it goes back to 12/12 pitch.  The wall are set to full gable walls on the sides and High Shed / Gable Wall on the end.


Can anyone help me with this problem?





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